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body wraps fresno   body wraps fresno

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body wraps fresno
body wraps fresno

More About Body Wraps | Fresno & Clovis, CA

M'Lis Body Wraps

When getting a body wrap, allow an hour for relaxing. The M'Lis body wrap treatment is a detoxifying wrap, used to encourage the entire lymphatic system to flush out toxins from the body, as it is detoxing the connective tissues, hydrating the skin, and providing inch loss. It also encourages circulation to cellulite-prone areas to break down the cellulite at the source, while toning.

There are various other body wrap products, some are used primarily to target a specific area and can dehydrate the skin; the main ingredient may be caffeine, which will also dehydrate the skin, and any inches lost will come back soon after drinking liquids.

M'Lis body wraps utilize plastic wrap, allowing for contouring, since it stretches and allows for even pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system. It is used to create pressure so the warmth and pampering of the transdermal skin can be hydrated and provide lasting inch loss. Wrap cream will be applied from under the breast tissue to the ankles, avoiding the heart and genital areas. You will then be wrapped evenly with the plastic wrap to create even pressure over your body. The wrap product contains natural ingredients that have the slight scent of cinnamon. There is no reuse of the plastic wrap.

Body Wraps Fresno & Clovis, CA
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Before Getting a Body Wrap
  • Before getting a body wrap, exfoliating is a must, to help remove environmental toxins, products, and dead skin cells. This will allow for absorption of the body contour cream.
  • Be sure to drink water equivalent to half of your body weight in ounces to help prevent a niacin build up during your wrap.
  • Do NOT apply any lotions, creams, or perfumes prior to your appointment.
  • A two-piece swim suit is a good clothing choice or just your underwear while receiving your wrap.
  • Your body wrap will take approximately an hour, the wrap will be removed, and any excess cream can be rubbed in.

After a Body Wrap
  • You can expect the inch loss (2-14 inches) to remain as long as you avoid putting toxins back into your body, follow a healthy eating habit, exercise, and drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces daily. Weight loss is not measured, as this is a detoxifying treatment. It is not a water loss wrap. It is important that one is not too hot and/or sweaty during the wrap treatment as this can over dry the skin's surface and cause premature aging of the skin.
  • Another body wrap may be scheduled every 3-7 days; having a wrap sooner could cause niacin build-up in the body, resulting in an adverse reaction to the cream. Since toxins are being released, forced from the connective tissues, they will be released through the urine, which may become darker. This is more likely to happen if one doesn't drink enough water or smokes.
Body Wrap Precautions
  • If pregnant and /or breastfeeding, do NOT get a body wrap, since this wrap encourages toxins to be released and they will circulate in the body.
  • If a skin infection is present, no wraps until it is healed. If you have had skin cancer, please consult your physician first.
  • If a smoker, beware, the toxins inhaled may cause you to feel unwell.
  • If you have been drinking alcohol, the wrap may make you sick as it would flood your system with toxins.
  • If taking blood thinners, consult with your doctor first. The M'Lis body wrap is designed to utilize the circulatory system and uses compression. If one has clotting issues, the wraps could possibly move the clots to another area.
  • If you have epilepsy, do not get a wrap. If a seizure occurred in the midst of a wrap, it could cause serious injury.
  • If you have had cancer treatments in the last two years, a body wrap is not recommended, due to the toxins being stirred up in the circulatory system. Once in remission for two years, and with the physician's consent, one may get a body wrap.
  • If you believe you are having a reaction to your body wrap, and it was your FIRST one, take a bath with two cups of baking soda and soak. Apply M'Lis Tissue Repair cream to the affected area. If you feel your reaction is more severe, Benadryl or another antihistamine may be taken.
  • Insure that you are drinking half of your body weight in ounces DAILY to flush out the niacin. If you have a reaction after your second or later wrap, know that occasionally one can have a build up of niacin. Follow the same directions, with addition of exercise to flush out the niacin.
  • If on prescription meds, consult your physician first.

M'Lis Body Wrap Key Ingredients:
  • Niacin/Niacinamide: smooths and tones the skin by breaking down cellulite buildup, increases blood flow to connective tissues.
  • Sesame Oil: Soothes, nourishes, and hydrates the skin; has vitamins A, E, K, and phosphates.
  • Cassia: Cinnamon-scented herb that increases blood flow to the skin's surface, promoting inch loss and cellulite reduction.
  • Aloe Vera: Has antibiotic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that help to calm, heal, and soothe the skin.

Body Wraps Fresno & Clovis, CA
Amy uses primarily Sonage for her skincare services, Beneficial/M'lis for the body wraps, and her wax comes from France.

Body Wrap Fresno & Clovis, CA

Looking to lose a few inches in a snap for that special occasion or to cleanse your body of environmental toxins? Why not try a relaxing Body Wrap? You'll feel slimmer and fresh in just one hour. Choose the M'Lis herbal wrap, it will not disappoint!


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